Saturday, May 14, 2016


It was fine and warm.

I got up early to attend a reasonable bus tour to Shosenkyo (昇仙峡) in Yamanashi with my friend from primary school.
We took 6:26 train, and the bus left at Yokosukachuo around 7 am. The bus was full, and there were 43 participants. Some were family, others were friends.
There were 6 places to stop. First was sweets shop where we could buy very lucky sweets which might bring us fortunes. There was a sweets Empress Michiko likes too.
Second was winery. We could taste many different wines.
Third was the Jewery Factory. We saw the lazer hole diamond, far-infrared necklace and so on.  To my surprise to make one plutinum ring, a ton of ore is needed.
Fourth was trellis of wisteria of a general household. However it was rather late unfortunately.
Fifth was lunch and shopping place. We finished eating earlier and visited the nearby temple called Erinji (惠林寺) where is said to be graveyard of the famous Japanese warload,  Shingen Takeda (武田信玄). They have a beautiful garden.
And the last was the main spot for me, Shosenkyo.  It had been chosen as one of the best canyons in Japan for three years in row in 1980s. There were two places to see there, one is of course canyon, waterfalls and river and the other was a museum. However there was only one hour there and we chose the canyon.  The waterfalls were very nice, and we enjoyed walking along the river and taking pictures.

We came back to Yokosukachuo around 7 pm, therefore this was 12 hour trip with lunch by bus.
The original price of this tour was about yen 10,000 but since I was a repeater of these tours and they sent me a special discount invitation mail and we could join this for less than a half price.

Here are some pictures from the tour. I hope you enjoy.

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