Tuesday, May 24, 2016


It was fine and warm.

After work I went shopping a present for my colleague who will get married tomorrow.  It is fun to choose presents. Tomorrow I will buy a bouquet. And we will have a small celebration. It is a surprise.  I hope she will be pleased.

In today's newspaper there was an announcement of the top 10 of the 29th Salaried men's Senryu (サラリーマン川柳) contest. Senryu is the shortest cynical poem of 5-7-5 letters. In February the best 100 were posted, and Internet voting was held. There were 112595 votes and best 10 senryu were selected.
This year's best one senryu got 6305 votes. It was Taishokukin moratta shunkan tsuma drone (退職金 もらった瞬間 妻ドローン). It means as soon as I got the retirement allowance, my wife disappeared. Drone can fly to many places. And the Japanese sound "doron" means to disappear. This shows the divorce rate of mature married couple is increasing and elder ladies tend to travel with their friends.

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