Wednesday, May 25, 2016


It was cloudy but warm, and windy at night .

I left home earlier in the morning to leave the office earlier in the evening to go to the beauty salon.

I was rather busy today.
At the lunch time I went out for three reasons.
One was to transfer the money from the Japan Post, but I could not make it without having a card nor a bankbook.
The other was to buy eye drops which I could not get last Saturday, but this was also unsuccessful because not only the prescription was valid until 21st but also they did not have stocks again.

Another was to buy a bouquet for our colleague who gets married today.
We held a surprise party for her in the afternoon. It was successful. She has not noticed until she entered the room.

After work I went to the beauty salon as  planned. Here is the picture after having my hair cut.

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