Friday, February 5, 2016


It was fine and beautiful.

I walked to the station this morning because I had a dinner appointment tonight with an ex-colleague of JICE. She had worked at the same university as I am working now and happened to see each other last April at the seminar. She's got a new job in Bangladesh and leave Japan this month, so we decided to have dinner before that. It's been nearly half year since we had lunch together. How fast time flies!
We went to my favorite Spanish restaurant where I have been to since I was a university student. They send me invitation cards twice a year at the new year and summer and offer a bottle of wine.  This time they offered me either a bottle of wine or hamon serrano.  I asked to change it to Sangria as usual. So I left the car at home.
We enjoyed talking and eating delicious dinner.

I am looking forward to seeing her next time to hear about the country where I have never been to. 
Good luck, my friend!

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