Wednesday, February 24, 2016


It was cloudy and cold in the daytime, and slightly rained in the evening.

These days I take a bath very late at night after midnight. I take a bath watching TV. Therefore it takes longer to stay there than before.

I happened see the program that dealt with bakugai (爆買い) yesterday.  Bakugai means to buy something in a big volume and this word became the popular word of last year. It started to express for Chinese travellers to buy Japanese medicine, cosmetics, baby goods, electronics devices, and so on in a great volume.
In yesterday's program there were three guests.  Two women buy toiletery at the drug stores. One man who is only 21 years old college student buys very expensive things such as car which costs about yen 40 million or accessories which cost more than a house in Tokyo.
I was so surprised at his ways of spending money.
His mother is an owner of a company and his father is a doctor and runs hospital. 
How unfair this world is!
Many people die in young in developing countries, and live within one dollar in a day but the rich people like him spend more than what we earn in a year in just 10 minutes or so.

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