Saturday, February 13, 2016


It was fine and cloudy and rather warm.
I stayed at home all day long.

There was my favorite TV program broadcast tonight.  It was 93rd All Japan Kaso Grand Prix (第93回全日本仮装大賞), Masquerade.  32 teams performed; some did by him or herself, and others did with groups.  There were many awards, namely, Idea Award, Humor Award, Performance Award, Fantasy Award, Effort Award, Technical Award, and 3rd Prize, 2nd Prize, and 1st Prize.  I agreed most parts, but not all.  Besides these awards judged by guests, there were votes by TV audience. More than 126 thousand people voted.  The 2nd prize was the same as guests' judge but others were different. 
Prize money is 1st prize for yen1,000,000, 2nd prize for yen500,000, and 3rd prize for yen300,000.
There were some professional comedians, but one of them only got 2 points out of 20,
There were some people who performed twice.


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