Thursday, February 25, 2016


It was cloudy.

There happened something in the evening and I came home late around 9 pm.
I was wondering if I should cook or not. But after all I cooked two dishes.
One of them was what I read the recipe in yesterday's newspaper. I happened to have every ingredient and from the morning I was going to cook, but since I came home late I was wondering what to do.  Ingredients are pumpkin, pork, onion, ginger, dry plum, oil, salt, soy sauce and water. First slice pumpkin and onion, cut pork.  Then put oil in the pan and  stir-fry pumpkin. After it became transparent, put water and lid and steam for a minute.  Take them out.  Stir-fry pork, ginger and onion. Then put dry plum and mix. Then put pumpkin back to the pan and mix. Put soysauce for seasoning. That's all.  It was easy.

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