Thursday, February 11, 2016


It was fine and beautiful today.

Today is a national holiday called "Kenkoku kinen no hi (建国記念の日)" foundation day.

I stayed at home all day long. 

My friend from primary school and junior high school came to see the place where I want to ask to fix in the afternoon.
We met on November 7 last year when there was a City's disaster drill after so many years.  He runs the plasterer business,  and I asked him to estimate the construction to fix the cliff.  It's been already three months since then.  And finally he came to see the spot. I am not sure how much it would be, but it seemed cheaper than the estimation I asked to the gardener.
After checking, we enjoyed talking about our school days.  We have not met more than 20 years, there were so many things we do not know about each other.   We may plan the school reunion in the future.

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