Friday, March 31, 2017


It was cloudy and cold in the morning, and started raining in the afternoon.
The view from the hotel in the morning was nice with garden.

The last day of March. How was your one quarter of 2017?
Mine is so far so good.

This morning I had a big breakfast with my friend. Then I went to work.
After work I went to Rikugien (六義園) where is famous for Shidarezakura (しだれ桜),Cerasus spachiana.  Last year there were so many people, and it took longer even just to enter the garden. Tonight since it was raining, there were not so many people.
Cherry blossoms were not full in bloom yet beause of this coldness.

After that we tried some restaurants but all was full and gave up to have dinner there. Instead we went to Shinagawa. There was the same.  Because of Premium Friday most restaurants were full. We should have booked the place on Fridays.
Finally we got the seats at Maimon where is one of very popular places according to the internet searching site.

I had too much foods today.

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