Sunday, March 19, 2017


It was fine.

I went to Sakuragi jinja (櫻木神社) shrine in Noda city today as a special fortune tour conducted by Ms. Utako Shiratori (白鳥詩子) whom I happened to know from our mutual friend's art exhibition on November 26 last year.

Today was a double lucky day of taian (大安) day of good luck, and day of snake which leads to the fortune.
There are special red stamps called goshuin (御朱印) which are only distributed three days in a year, on sakura no hi mairi (さくらの日まいり) visit on day of cherry blossoms, that is March 9,19, and 29.
In addtion to that since today was Sunday there were so many people there and to get the red stamps it took more than 5 hours!
One of the interesting things there was there is a shrine inside the restroom and there were messages in each room. They used the old Japanese style toilet as a planter pot.

While my waiting for the stamps, we went to Nagareyama Otaka no mori to have late  lunch. There I asked Ms Shiratori for autograph.

I went back to the shrine to get a set of three stamps which cost yen 1500. There were still lots of people waiting. I believe there were more than 2000 people who bought stamps and/or stamp book.

After that I went to Kashiwa to see my friend from graduate school. We went to a popular Spanish restaurant Festa Mario and enjoyed eating, drinking, and talking.
It has been 11 years since we met last.

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