Thursday, March 30, 2017


It was fine.

I walked to the station to drink at night.

The cherry blossoms of our institute have started to bloom. 

In the morning I attended English seminar of "Implied message."
It was very interesting.
From the eyes of foreingers, Japanese people easily appologize which is not necessary for foreigners. We should learn other ways to express our feelings such as appreciation rather than apology saying "I'm sorry."

After work I went to a Spanish restaurant to have dinner with my friend from teacher's age. We enjoyed eating, drinking, and talking about many things, especially our mutual hobby, world travel and mutual friends.
She invited me to stay at her hotel together. It's been a long time since we traveled together. Even if we do not go far, to stay together is nice to share our experience. Moreover there is everything we need at the good hotels, so we can travel light.
One of my dreams is to travel abroad without bringing suitcases.

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