Tuesday, March 21, 2017


It was a cold rainy day. I heard it snowed in Nagano where I will go tomorrow. In spite of this coldness, there was an announcement of blooming cherry blossoms in Tokyo which is five days earlier than last year. It will be still cold for the next five days or so, therefore it will take time to be in full bloom. We will be able to enjoy cherry blossoms longer this year which is good.

At lunch time there was a Brown Bag Lunch Session. A student talked about his home town Nagasaki where I went to May last year using some pictures and movies. There are attractive places and festivals there which I hope to visit someday.

In the afternoon I attended the English pronunciation training where I could practice speaking English.

On my way back home on train I attended the online seminar using Zoom. I could see and hear but could not speak so I attended by chatting.

All of them were interesting.