Tuesday, March 28, 2017


It was fine and cold. It seemed to have rained during the daytime at my home town.

I took earlier train than usual and stayed at the office almost 11 hours.

My peaceboat friend informed me that there was an article in today's local paper to recruit eight beautiful spots or historical remains in my hometown.
Miura city consists of three districts, Minami Shitaura, Hasse, and Misaki. They say from each district they choose eight spots, then among them they will choose eight spots for Miura Hakkei (三浦八景).
The eight beautiful spots of Minami Shitaura district has been decided this January.
Misaki district recruits near future.
There are five area (Koenbo, Wada, Irie, Shimomiyada, Mito) in Hasse. One person can choose up to eight spots and apply for Hasse Hakkei (初声八景) by either postcard or email by the end of this month.

Let's think of eight beautiful spots in my town for the next few days!

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