Wednesday, March 8, 2017


It was fine.

After work I attended a seminar of Mr. Toshitaka Mochizuki in Shinagawa.

There was an accident on the Keikyu line. When I got to the Daimon station, trains were stopped for a while. Fortunately I arrived in time for the seminar.

I have attended this seminar before but every time there is something new.

Today there were three guest speakers who made their dreams come true by taking the course of Dream Map. One of them was the person whose email magazine I subscibe but have never met. I don't know why I am subscribing, but I thought it must be from Mr.Mochizuki's relationships.
The other is Mr.Hayato Koshizuka(腰塚勇人) who is a famous lecturer of Lesson of Life. He used to be a physical education teacher at a junior high school in Kanagawa prefecture but had a ski accident and became very sick. I have met him once in June 2009 at the joint seminar of Mr.Ken Honda and Mr. Mochizuki. At that time if my memory is correct, he was there on his wheel chair. Today he was walking! The short movie he made was so moving. I recommend you to watch if you have a chance. I was very glad to see his recovery and activity.
We became Facebook friends tonight.

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