Saturday, March 11, 2017


It was fine.

It has been 6 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami happened.
I still remember the many things happened to me on that day.
In the morning I needed to go to the conference room to arrange for the next program I was in charge.
In the afternoon I went to the office and was at the desk.
At 2:46 pm the first earthquake happened. It was very big and lasted long, and we hid under the desk. At that time we did not imagine it would be so big. After a while we started evacuating to the nearby shrine where we saw the tall buildings were shaking. If they fell down, I thought we would not survive. I had a portable radio and we listened to the news. We felt like going to rest rooms. The Japanese restaurant we often used let us use their rest rooms. I appreciated their kindness.
Our colleagues tried to call by cellphones but they could not reach their family and we stood in line in front of the public phone.
After a few hours later those live close started going home. I live in a country where it took about two hours and a half.
Most of trains were stopped. So I gave up going home because there was no train.  We went out for dinner at Ramen shop. We were glad to have something to eat.
Since we were wearing helmet on our way, somebody intereviewed how we got it. We said the company provided.
Some colleagues went home by walking. Since I could not, I went back to the office. There were electricity, water, blanket there. I stayed up all day long at the office though some colleagues slept for a while.
Usually I do not use the company PC for the personal use, but that was emergency. So I posted my situation to my Facebook.

Early next morning, the director-general went to the convenience store to buy breakfast for us.
He had a power to use the taxi ticket, my colleague and I joined him, and I dropped at Kamioooka to get a train. And I could go home finally.

I appreciated that I stayed at the office safely, and my family and house were OK.

Today I went to see La La Land at Yokohama.

Then I went to attend a seminar at Shinagawa.

I visited the Softbank to ask some questions about the new smartphone.

After that I went to Shinagawa Aqua Park after a long time. I saw many beautiful fish.

Then I met my friend and made a big decision.

Today is ichiryumanbaibi(一粒万倍日) when one grain will grow into 10000 times.
I hope this decision will bring me much happiness.

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