Thursday, March 9, 2017


It was fine.

I left the office a little bit earlier than usual using flex time to go to Yokohama to see a movie "Silence"  which I have wanted to see since I knew the movie.
When I was young, I read the original book written by Shusaku Endo who was a Christian. He was one of my favorite authors because he could write both interesting stories and serious stories. This is the latter and dealt with Christianity banning era of Japan around mid 17th century. There was a persecution and the movie started from the cruel torture scene.
We knew about it as a part of the history, and we can imagine from the book, but until I saw the movie I could not visualize.

They say the director Martin Scorsese decided to make a movie in 1988. It took 28 years to complete.

While watching, I was wondering if they really speak English that much....
I felt lucky to have been born in the freedom of religion country and time.

Religion is very difficult to talk about. We, most of Japanese people are both Buddhist and Shintoist at the same time. In the New Year we visit shrines and temples. At the age of three, five,seven on November 15, we visit the shrine. At wedding many people get married at shrines. But when we die, funerals are done at the temples.

They say there are about 1.04 million of Christians in Japan in 2014 which is 0.82% of the total population.

It must be tough to continue believing what is banned.

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