Wednesday, March 22, 2017


It was fine and cold.

In the morning I went to Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

At lunch time I attended the seminar, and listened to the career building story of our president who will leave at the end of this month. I sat at the front seat and enjoyed his story.

In the evening I came to Shinjuku to get a long distance bus to Iida, Nagano. I used to ride on the long distance buses from Shinjuku.
Last year they opened the new bus terminal at the south exit of JR Shinjuku station. I have come to see the terminal once but this is the first time for me to ride from there. We left Shinjuku at 19:25.  On our way we stopped at Futaba service area.
My seat was the front and it was a super seat which cost yen1000 more. But it is worth choosing because of wider space, reclining, outlet, table, disposable slippers, and so on.

We arrived at Iida around 23:30.

I came to the hotel where I have stayed before.

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