Tuesday, December 6, 2016


It was fine but windy today.

From the window of the 10th floor meeting room I saw fallen leaves dancing up and down turning left and right as if they are alive.

After work I went to "the 10th Get Together in Nakameguro" to attend a celebration of publishing the second book of my ex´Ż░teacher of the ability garden.
Unfortunately the link of the map showed the different place, and I went to the wrong place first and was a little bit late but had a good seat instead.
The author is Mr. Koichi Hagiwara who used to work at UNIDO. This is his second book. The first book was published about five years ago about the same time as I published mine.
The first book was very interesting, and I have been waiting for the second book.
Finally I got it and asked him to sign.
I am very looking forward to reading it soon.

There were about 30 people whom I met for the first time. I became Facebook friends with some of them.
I was glad to see his wife finally and their beloved dog Rana chan again.

Since I need to start early tomorrow, I left there earlier.

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