Monday, December 12, 2016


It was fine.

Today is the last day of the special exhibition of Salvador Dali at the National Art Center, Tokyo. There was a waiting line before it opened. Unfortunately I could not go to see in spite of working very close to the museum.

There was an announcement of the Kanji (漢字) of the year. It is kin (金), meaning gold because of many gold medals at the Rio Olympic 2016 in summer.
The kanji, 金 (kin) is also read as kane, which means money. There were many news related black money of politicians this year.
This is the 22nd of the event. Kin got 6,655 votes out of 153, 562.
The second was sen (選): select, the third was hen (変) : change, the fourth was shin (震): tremble, and the fifth was kyo (驚): surprise. 
I feel kin (金) for both gold and money were symbolic character to my life in 2016 too.

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