Thursday, December 15, 2016


It was fine.

I went to the shrine before going to work.

There were many thing to do and I overworked for an hour or so.

I had lunch with an exーcolleague at the different organization who is a colleague of the different section now.
She has two daughters and I heard interesting things about nursery school education. When we were young, it was normal for boys to be called their names with kun (君). However these days both boys and girls are called their names with san (さん) from teachers.
Of course among friends they are called their names with chan (ちゃん).

When we were young, it was as a matter of course to make a name list of boys first and girls second. But they say nowadays it is made by the alphabetical order of mixture of both boys and girls.

Yesterday when I attended the one day seminar, I learned about the care for LGBT people.
Is this name list matter related to  LGBT too?

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