Wednesday, December 21, 2016


It was fine and rather warm.

Today is toji (冬至), winter solstice when the daytime is the shortest. Toji literally means winter reach.
On this day we take a yuzuyu (柚子湯) bath, and eat pumpkin to avoid getting a cold. Yuzu is a kind of citrus fruits and smells good. We use them for seasoning too.

In the morning I went to post office to submit the document and bought some stamps. There I saw a nice money saver shaped like a post. I asked who gets this post. They say if you deposit more than yen 300,000, you can get.

At lunch time I went to post office again to move money from the regular account to the  fixed sum account to get the saving box which you can save yen 20,000 if you save 40 of yen 500 coin.
On my way there I dropped at Fuji Film Square. They had an exhibition of 100 beautiful sceneries of Japan. I liked waterfalls pictures very much.

At night I had dinner with my high school friend at a nice Japanese restaurant.

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