Saturday, December 10, 2016


It was fine and Mt. Fuji looked so beautiful.

I walked to the station because I was going to have dinner with exーcolleagues.

I went to Shinagawa first to attend ISD Characteristic Psychology instructor seminar. I have already finished this course in May and got the qualification. This is a review seminar for me. However each time I find something new and it is very interesting. This is the first day of the two days seminar.

After that I went to Shibuya to have Spanish dinner with exーcolleagues. I usually order the course menu there but this time we ordered everthing we felt like eating and drinking. Therefore it cost a little bit more than usual but we enjoyed everything.
We got a small bag of Spanish rice and a calendar as souvenirs.

Three of us worked together about 13 to16 years ago. I met one of them this spring but the other after 6 years or so. However they weren't changed at all. And we enjoyed talking about our mutual experiences.

It was a nice reunion.

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