Sunday, December 18, 2016


It was fine. The sunset was beautiful.

There was a wake (お通夜:o tsuya) of my aunt of my mother's side at night.
I came here by Shinkansen Kodama to Hamamatsu and changed to the local train. This is the first time to come this way because I usually come to Nagoya and change to the local train.
For lunch I chose kaizukushi (貝づくし) lunch box which included five different shell fish.

The ceremony started at 7 pm. There were many people attended. I was surprised to see the live music and the video.
She was 89 years old.

My cousins' family and I stay at the venue for all night.

I always think that the funerals are the last gifts from the dead person because we can get together.

I hope she will rest in peace and enjoy the reunion with her sisters.

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