Tuesday, November 29, 2016


It was cloudy.

This morning I happened to see one of my students from club actvity. It's been so long since we met last, so she was very surprised that I recognized her.

I went to MLIT to have a meeting in the morning, and had lunch there. It was an Italian restaurant. I have been to MLIT many times but I did not know the restaurant. To our lucky on Tuesday and Thursday there is a salad bar and a cup of soup for those who order the today's special. And on Friday they serve dessert. Today's menu was grilled chicken, omlett, spaghetti and rice which cost yen 790.  I think it was reaonable.

I bought cosmetics and got many presents.

Today is a new moon. It is a good timing to write wishes. What are your wishes?

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  1. Love the picture and the food, looks really well. It looks barely to ramen right?