Saturday, November 19, 2016


The weather forecast was right. Unfortunately it was a rainy day.
I wished it would be fine because I wanted to wear the new kimono today to go to see Kabuki (歌舞伎) because to see Kabuki wearing kimono is one of my dreams related kimono.  But it rained, I decided not to wear the new one but to wear old one with raincoat to make my dream come true. I bought these when I went to lessons to wear kimono in my late 20s. The good things about kimono is we can wear it for decades.

Today I participated the tour which includes delicious Japanese lunch at a famous restaurant in Ginza, shopping at the famous jewelry shop, and kabuki. I attended with my friend whom I met at the Golden Life Program two years ago, and happened to see each other again this spring at our mutual friend's photo exhibition. We have many things in common.
The seat of Kabuki was on the third floor and cost yen 6,000 but the tour fee was yen 6,800 included very nice lunch.
We really enjoyed today's program.

This was the third time for me to attend this kind of tour, and I liked all.

There were four parts at the Kabuki, and three breaks. During the break we ate special taiyaki (鯛焼き) which contains white and red rice cakes in the red bean paste and it is very special there. Only 50 of them were sold and we were the last three people. How lucky we were!

Today's Kabuki has the announcement of succession of the names. Father and three sons succeeded the names at the same time which is very rare. The second part was the greeting speeches which was interesting.

I was moved by their stage setting. 

It was a nice day.

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