Wednesday, November 23, 2016


It is a national holiday called kinro kansha no hi (勤労感謝の日), Labour Thanksgiving Day in Japan.

It was cloudy in the daytime and rained at night.

I had a very busy fruitful day today.

In the morning, I went to see a documentary movie titled "Kamisama tono yakusoku (かみさまとのやくそく)" Promise with God: You were born by choosing your parents.
It dealt with intraulterine memory and past life.
I have been interested in this movie for a long time,  especially after meeting Dr. Ikegawa this summer. The theater is in Tabata and it was a very small one with 20 seats or so.  The staff was very  kind.
I was so surprised to hear children's story before they were born. We often say we can't choose our parents, but according to them it is different. We choose our parents.

Then I went to the art exhibition to see my friend's work in Ueno.

I had volumy lunch at a Chinese restaurant with my old friend.

After that I went to Kimono Style Miya in Yokohama to get dressed and hair done. Today I wore my favorite new kimono and obi.

We had a dinner party at a Japanese style cuisine restaurant in Kamioooka . To my surprise I became a champion by scissors, stone, and paper, and got the first prize of the Christmas presents. How lucky I am!

After coming back to Kimono Style Miya, I changed and went to visit Kotohira Otori Jinja (金刀比羅大鷲神社) for Ni no Tori (二の酉) the second Cock Fairs.
It was raining but there were still lots of people there.

It was a really nice day.

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