Sunday, October 9, 2016


It rained heavily like a typhoon in the morning.

Last night I came home by taxi, so I needed to get my car at the station.

To my lucky it stopped raining in the afternoon, and I walked to the station and took some pictues on my way.

First I saw a snail creeping on the road. I wondered it would successfully cross the road or not because it is too small for the drivers to realize.
There were some beautiful wildflowers along the road.
There were many kiwi hanging too.
I wish I had fruit trees in my garden!

After getting the car I went to Toyota to submit the inheritance procedure documents finally.

Then I went shopping.

After coming home I cooked dinner.
Yesterday I got a big Matsutake (松茸) mushroom and enjoyed eating it. Matsutake is one of the representative food in autumn. However it is very expensive, so this was a rare chance.
Autumn is a hervest season, and there are many delicious foods.

Let's enjoy eating!

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