Sunday, October 2, 2016


It was fine today.

Six of us who went out for a drink last night had breakfast together at a bakery restaurant near the station. You can choose either Cheese omlett or Bacon & egg or Garden salad, then you can eat unlimited rolls & bun and drink anything as much as you like for 75 minutes.
It seems there is no other decent cafe to take breakfast nearby, other two JOI coordinators came to the same place later.
We enjoyed eating and talking.

Everyone had something to do respectively, and five of us took the same train but got off at their own destination.

I went to Omori to visit a personal color analyst training class. There were one instructor, three students and two models. They divide the colors to four seasons, and they were divided into two groups spring & autum and summer & winter. The former group is yellowish and the latter group is bluish. There were some basic colors to judge, and each group has four drapes of similar colors. Each color is judged by the criteria of the levels of brightness and chroma, and clear or dull.
The model was checked by about five set of them and decided which color suits her.
I wanted to be checked, so I volunteered for the model next time.

I had some time until the next appointment, so I visited the Aqua park in Shinagawa to kill time. Today I enjoyed the jellyfish as usual and the dolphine show.

In the evening I attended a seminar. The opening time was 17:10, but when I arrived at that time the venue was almost full and I felt lucky to have a seat.  It lasted until 19:00.

It was a fruitful weekend.

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