Saturday, October 29, 2016


It was cloudy but became rainy.

I was going to have lunch with ex-colleagues after a long time, but it was canceled last night for the unforeseen reason.

So I needed to change my schedule. I had some choices today.

First I went to Kimono-Style Miya to have my hair set, makeup, dressed, and pictures taken as planned in the morning.

Then I went to Ginza (銀座) to see the wooden soccer ball shaped tea room which does not use any nails. This technique is called Kumiko (組子). I knew about it by my friend's shared post of Facebook this morning, and felt like going to see it.

Unfortunately all of the tea tickets of the day was sold out and I could not taste green tea there.
But fortunately I met three students who made it and took pictures together.
I wanted to take pictures from inside and title "Kimiko in Kumiko" but could not.
My hair dresser made today's special hairdo imaging this tea room, and I like it very much.

Since there is a festival from October 27 to  November 3 in Ginza, if you are interested in tasting Green tea, there are some places you can taste tomorrow.

There was one more thing attracted me today in Ginza was a rose made from lipsticks at SHISEIDO.

Then I went to Ueno (上野) to visit two special exhibitions at Tokyo National Museum. One is about Zen (禅), the other is about the hidden statues of Buddhist images.
Fortunately I got the invitation ticket for the former and a discount coupon for the latter.
The former was a rather big exhibition.

When I got to the Ueno Park, there was a Halloween parade.

Then I went back to the Kimono- Style Miya to pick up my carry case.

At stations of Keikyu line and inside the train I saw many ad of the Photo Exhibition of People in Miura. The model is my former student whose family owns one of the most famous tuna restaurant in Misaki (三崎). I am glad to see the posters here and there.

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  1. Wow!! Amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing your overall experience.

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