Friday, October 21, 2016


It was fine.
I hope to see shooting stars tonight.

After work I visited the Fuji Film Square which has the two new exhibitions starting today.
One is Mt. Fuji, the other is "Self. " I enjoyed both. 
At Mt. Fuji part, I got an advice how to take the Diamond Fuji which is now in the season at Lake Yamanaka.
At "Self" I had a chance to have my pictures taken like a self portrait.
This service will last until November 3, so if you are interested in, please visit.

Fall is a good season for appetite, reading, sports, and art.

From today there is a big art event "Roppongi Art Night 2016. " I saw some installation here and there. This event started at 17:30 tonight and lasts until 6:00 Sunday, October 23.
If you are interested in, please check

I hope you enjoy Roppongi.

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