Monday, October 17, 2016


It was a rainy day.

I took an earlier train than usual to go to Tanashi in Nishi Tokyo City by 9:45. I was going to take 7:16 train but took 7:01 train instead. There was something wrong with other lines, and trains delayed so that I am glad to take the earlier one.

Meeting lasted for more than two hours.

Since this was the first time for me to visit there, I hoped to eat lunch there to know the place but our schedule was tight and we came back to the office directly.

After work I went to the Fuji Film Square after a while. There were new exhibitions, which were very nice. One was pictures of mountains, the other was pictures of north foxes.

Then I went to the kimono shop to pick up obi which is very beautiful. They were having the celebration to welcome the new store manager, and they were having an intertesting project to tie yen 5 coin. Yen 5 coin is called goen (五円), and goen (御縁) means the connection or relation. They wish to have strong tie with customers.
Customer tied their yen 5 coin and they gave customers small gifts.

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