Friday, October 14, 2016


It was fine in the morning, but became rain in the afternoon, and fine again.

From the morning I enjoyed local foods.

We visited two places in Hirosaki and Tsugaru.

Aomori is very famous for apples, and there was a unique post with apple on the top.

On our way to Tsugaru there were many apples along the road.

Hirosaki is the No.1 Apple producing place. There is a castle and it is very
popular place to see the cherry blossoms around the end of April and the early May.

Tsugaru has eight agricultural products, and its mascot includes these 8 products.

At night we had a party. We enjoyed delicious Aomori foods and Japanese sake named "Hohai (豊盃)" for dry, and Denshu (田酒) for sweet.

Since we did not have time to see the cities, I hope to be back here again someday.

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