Thursday, October 6, 2016


It was fine today.

When I got to Roppongi in the morning, the sky was so beautiful with clouds. So I took some pictures.

Last night the strong wind was blowing.

In Korea and Japan the typhoon No. 18 left big damages here and there.

The Hurricane Matthew is approaching to Florida.

But the sky of Tokyo was so beautiful this morning. In spite of clouds, the sun was shining. I have not seen such a beatiful sun with clouds. This picture became my 7777th picture with this smartphone.

There is a saying "Onna gokoro to aki no sora (女心と秋の空)" which means "A woman's mind is as changeable as the autumn weather."

Do you think so?

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  1. Helpful to understand various weather conditions in Japan. Got some new words also in Japanese. Thanks for sharing.

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