Friday, March 4, 2016


It was fine.


This morning I walked to the station to go out for dinner with a colleague after work.
It is prohibited to drive after drinking in Japan.
So when I know I will drink, I try to walk to the station in the morning. Because otherwise I need to walk to the station to drive back home next day.

We promised to have lunch more than one year ago but have not had a chance to do so. Lunch time is too short to enjoy. So we decided to have dinner instead.
I found a Spanish bar near our office by Groupon. 
Do you know Groupon? It is a coupon website which offers discount tickets.
The bar only accepts three groups per day and I was lucky enough to use the coupon. There were 6 dishes with unlimited alcoholic drinks for two hours with about a half price of the regular price.
We enjoyed eating, drinking, and talking.

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