Sunday, March 27, 2016


It was cloudy in the morning, but became fine in the afternoon. However it was chilly.

I went to Yokohama wearing kimono to attend a luncheon. It was held at an Italian restaurant of the Techno Tower Hotel. This was the first time for me to ride on the Seaside line from Sugita.
It started from salad, next was pasta and pan, then main dish. Dessert was buffet style and we could choose what we like. Drink was self service. There were about 22 participants.  One table consisted of 4 people.  Next to me was 86 years old gentleman.  The other was a mother of two daughters whom I talked for the first time. Another was a shop staff.  We enjoyed eating and talking.

After that I visited a nearby famous factory of Sponge cake.

On my way back I rode to Kanazawa hakkei by Seasideline. That is I rode from the beginning to the ending.

I changed the train and dropped at Yokosuka chuo to shop. It is fun to find presents.

At night there was an annual general meeting of local community. This is the last duty of my two years representative role.  Next Saturday we have a farewell party. And this is the final.

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