Saturday, March 19, 2016


It was raining in the morning, but became fine in the afternoon.

I went to Jingunae (神宮前) for two reasons. One was to visit a boutique which my friend from university opened this year. The other was to visit the art exhibition of my high school tennis friend.

My friend's shop was closed to Harajuku station. We talked about many things and I leaned a lot from his variety of friends' connection. And we went out for lunch at a Japanese restaurant which I was attracted to on my way to his shop which was located between beauty salons.
We enjoyed eating, talking and taking pictures.

After lunch I visited my friend's annual art exhibition.

On my way home I dropped at a kimono shop.

Today a new NHK drama started at night. Since I watched the program dealing with its writer in the morning, I watched the program at night.

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