Sunday, July 31, 2016


The last day of July.

It has been strange weather. At first it was fine, but beame rain, and became fine again, and rained again, and fine again.  Depends on the place it seemed there were rainbows.
Though the rainy season was over, it looked like we are still in the rainy season.

I went to Kamioooka to have lunch with an 11th JOI coordinator. She is from Yokosuka and was dispatched to Virginia. We have met at the reunion in Febrary this year.
And this was the second time for us to meet. We enjoyed having lunch, chatting our JOI experiences, and sharing our dream project. JOI (Japan Outreach Initiative) Program is really a life changing program. We appreciate we could participate in this program and are looking forward to the next reunion in October.

After that I went to see the exhibition of Ado Mizumori (水森亜土). I liked her pictures when I was young.

Then I looked for a diffuser here and there and bought the
Glass aroma diffuser at last by the card points.
In June I bought many essential oils but I only used it once when I took a bath.
Now I have the diffuser, I can use it any time with different oil for different purpose.  It  changes the colors and very beauriful and relaxing. I am really glad to get it.
I was not the person to enjoy the aromatherapy. But from today I enjoy it for sure.

Here are some pictures of the color changing of the diffuser.

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