Monday, July 25, 2016


I took a day off.

It was cloudy, and slightly  rained in Kyoto. 

First I went to Bishamondo (毘沙門堂). I have been there twice or more but there are something new to learn every time. Today I could observe how to make jyokoban (常香盤), incense clock. That is an incense for 24 hours set on the box of ashes.

After that we went to Yasakajinja (八坂神社).  There are three famous festivals in Kyoto and one of them is Gion matsuri (祇園祭) which lasts for a month from July 1 to 31. And it is a festival of Yasaka shrine.  When we arrived  there, many people were sitting on the bench and waiting for Kyogen (狂言) play. It was going to start in 10 minutes or so, therefore we decided to see the performance. To my surprise the first main actor was a foreigner. Since this is a traditional Japanese performing arts, it must be hard for him to master. 

After that we went to have lunch at Issen yoshoku (壹銭洋食), where looks like an old Japanese nostalgic place.

They only deal one dish" okonomiyaki(お古乃美焼). " We shared the table with a Fench couple. To explain the ingredient I used the dictionary, and it said devil's tongue. Can you imagine what it is?

Then we went back to Kyoto station and had drinks at the hotel lounge.  It is rather expensive, but we can relax and stay longer.

My friends left earlier, and I looked around souvenior places.  I tasted many different kinds of pickles and sweets.

Every time I go to Kyoto or Osaka, I make it a rule to buy Kaki no ha zushi(柿の葉寿司) for dinner. And I did it.

I am glad to have a nice trip to Kyoto this time.

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