Friday, July 15, 2016


It was cloudy and slightly raining in the morning.
It seemed to have rained heavily in the day time.

I had lunch with an ex-colleague after a while.

The photo exhibition of 30000 people started at the three venues in Roppongi. I walked through and looked at the half of one of them on my way to the office, and another half of the other two on my way back to the station from office.
There are still lots of them. It will last until next Wednesday, so that I will go there again next week.  There were 10 selected pictures by 10 cerebrities such as photographers, actors and actresses including their own picture.
I wondered how they chose the 10 pictures out of 30000 pictures so I asked the receptionist, but she did not know exactly about the selection process. Only she knew was there were about 45000 pictures applied for this event this year.

I myself like to take pictures, and admire photographers who share their beautiful pictures. Through those pictures I feel like visiting the places I have never been.
Someday I want to publish a photobook of my favorite places.

Since next Monday is a national holiday, I have a three day weekend.


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