Thursday, July 28, 2016


It was cloudy.

There was once a month luncheon with co-workers of the same department. There I happened to know the newcomer who started working this month graduated from the college I worked until this March and we have a mutual acquaintance. Her desk is next to me. She has worked at the mobile phone company for the past three years. I asked the question about the cost of mobile phone, and she recommended me to visit the shop.
So after work I visited the mobile phone shop near tve station and asked why the fee of last month was almost double of the month before. The reason was movie I watched from the links of emails during my commuting time.
So I decided not to watch movies from the internet links outside.
They offer free drinks and free charging. That is very helpful for travelers.
I changed a plan little bit.
I hope I can save money for that.

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