Saturday, February 4, 2017


It was fine.

Today is risshun (立春), one of nijyushisekki(二十四節気), 24 solar terms. The last one was daikan (大寒), big cold on January 21 and the next one is usui (雨水), rain water on February 18.
Risshun literally means stand spring. It is the first day of spring.

I went to Shinjuku to attend Morinda's monthly meeting and got many useful information. For example we usually care about how long we walked, but what matters is not a distance but the speed to reduce AGE. There will be special offer sales near future.

On my way to Shinjuku I happened to see my ex-colleague of teaching career of  many years ago. We have been recently connected by Facebook and I knew the reason why it happened. We have some mutual students, friends and acquaintances, and we have had many common  experiences. So we enjoyed talking up to Kamioooka where he got off.

For lunch my friend and I were going to eat out but she invited me to her house. It is near Musashikosugi where I found very convenient. She cooked curry with cutlet and salad for me.
Her son's friend's mother joined later and we enjoyed talking.
I met her family and had a good time.

Thank you.

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