Saturday, February 11, 2017


It is a national holiday called Kenkoku kinen no hi (建国記念の日), national foundation day.
It falls on Saturday, so we are not so glad this year.

It was very fine and Mt. Fuji looked very beautiful.

I walked along the railway to take beautiful pictures of Kawazuzakura (河津桜), bright pink cherry blossoms. The cherry blossom festival has just begun and many people were walking and taking pictures.
Here are some pictures for you.

After that I took a train from Miurakaigan to Daimon and visited the Atagojinja (愛宕神社), where Ms. Utako Shiratori recommended to visit. Since today is one of the very lucky days in a year to do something related money, I visited Benzaiten (弁財天) there. There are shrines on the top of the hill and to get there you need to clime steep stone steps called "Shusse no ishidan (出世の石段). " I got a red stamp called goshuin (御朱印). There was no date by number so I asked why. They said instead of number they wrote "Kigensetu(紀元節)" because today is the day of national foundation.

After that I went to the talk event of Mr. Koichi Hagiwara who is my teacher from the Ability Garden. We watched the movie "Ikitai (いきたひ)" directed by Ms. Hiroko Hasegawa who lost her husband by cancer and took care of him at home until he died. They have four children.
The movie dealt with death and life. So before watching it I did not expect too much. After the movie she talked about many episodes which were touching. I bought her book and asked her autograph and pictures.
I recommend you to attend this talk event with movie because they say everytime she talks something new.

It was a nice day.

Thank you very much.

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