Sunday, February 12, 2017


It was fine.

In the morning I washed my car and painted the scratch, then went shopping and filled up my car.

In the afternoon I went to Misaki to attend the gathering to think about the terminal care at home which consisted of a lecture and panel discussion. The lecturer was a famoous sociologist, Professor Chizuko Ueno (上野千鶴子). This was the second time for me to attended her lecture. Last time was at Rikkyo University about a year and two months ago. Her way of talk is very soft but witty. I asked her autograph and picture at that time and she was very playful wearing Alice band of reindeer.
Today's theme was "Is it possble to die at home even not having family?"
After the lecture there was a panel discussion by 5 home medical care related panelists.
There were an interpreter of sign language and some summary writer.
After that I asked her autograph and picture again.
At the venue I happened to see my high school classmate, my student, and my other student's mother.

After that I went to Jogashima to see the last day of narcissus festival. I saw the beautiful sunset there.

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