Tuesday, February 21, 2017


It was fine in the morning, and started raining in the evening.
I started the day earlier than usual to go to Koshigaya Lake Town in Saitama for the first time. It is a huge shopping area with outlet mall too.
After the lecture we ate the Vietnamese lunch, and had another lecture and walked around the site. I was very suprised to see many facilities such as kid's toilet, many play spaces, car exhibition of all Toyota group, Kagoshima tea event and so on.
At free time I enjoyed Kagoshima tea and sweets just for yen 100.
There was a huge decoration for doll's festival.
At night there was a reunion of JOI program coordinators and related staff at the Laurasian Institution in Megro.  It's been 11  years since I visited there first and last time.
It was a potluck party and about 13 people got together. We ate variety of foods, and enjoyed talking common memories.
Thank you everyone for delicious foods and sharing time.

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