Monday, February 20, 2017


It was fine.

I went to a kimono shop in the morning to learn about aizome (藍染), indigo color dying.  The decorated kimono was so expensive that I only enjoyed putting on.

Then I went to Softbank to buy a new smart phone finally.  Since I have not imported every application or address book yet, it is very inconvenient now.

In the afternoon I went to get hairset, makeup, and dressed up the kimono to attend a wedding party of my colleague in Yokohama.  It was very impressive.  Their hobby seems music and the wedding cake was like a sheet music.  I did not know how romantic he is.  They said today last year he proposed and tomorrow is her big birthday, so they decided to get married today. He has prepared a handmade jigsaw puzzle of their picture of engagement, in which each piece has a message for her from her friends as a birthday present for three months or so.  He looked quite different from what I know at the office.  There were many colleagues attended the party today, and it was nice to see them dressed up too. 

Congratulations!!  Be happy forever.

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