Sunday, August 24, 2014


It was cloudy in the morning, but started raining with thunder and lightening before noon, and it stopped in the afternoon.
I went to Yokohama to attend a seminar with my friend from 13:30.  I thought it would be over within two hours, but it ended around 16:30.  The lecturer was very interesting and we learned a lot.
I went to Kimono-Style Miya to be a Kimono model.  Since my appointed time was from 16:30, I did not have time to be taken pictures at the studio.  We moved to the Osanbashi pier and boarded to the big ship for dinner cruise at 19:30.  We were a group of about 20 ladies wearing Kimono and there was a photographer attending, therefore we were very outstanding and attracted people's eyes.
To our very lucky, there was a fireworks festival nearby, we could enjoy viewing them from the boat.
Dinner was a Chinese course and so delicious.
This was the invitation from Miya.  I met a friend from the trip last year and got to know some people today.  We enjoyed chatting and eating for 2 hours.
I feel very fortunate to have a relation with this Kimono company.
After the cruise I went back to Miya and changed the clothes so that I could leave Kimono for cleaning which is also done by service.
It was a nice day.

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