Wednesday, August 20, 2014


It is fine and very hot.
Today was the first working day after the summer vacation.  Since we had 10 days official off some people traveled around here and there and others including me just stayed home and did something we usually can't do.
Some people who traveled brought souvenirs and we had some sweets today.
Souvenir is omiyage (お土産) in Japanese.  We like to give and take souvenirs.
At the lunch time news I knew the oldest man in the world is a Japanese man who is 111 years old who used to be a Principle of high school, and the oldest woman in the world is a Japanese woman who is 116 years old.  The average life expectancy of Japanese men became 80 years old this year, and of Japanese women is 86 years old.
Another news are disasters caused by heavy rain in Hiroshima.  The death toll from the landslide disaster climbed to 36 and 7 people are still missing.

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