Friday, August 29, 2014


It was cloudy.

After work I went to beauty shop in Sugita (杉田) to have my hair cut. They have yen 500 discount for cut and yen 1500 (?) discount for perm if customers visit there again within two months.  Since I had my hair cut two months ago, I had yen 500 discount for cut today.  I felt lucky.

At the station building I happened to find the special sale for kimono goods and decided to make nagajuban (長襦袢), which is underwear of kimono.  Usually tailoring fee costs yen 70,000 or so, but I could make at a very low price and feel very lucky again.

When I got home, there was an envelop for me from Softbank.  Since I changed the provider in May, they sent me yen 5,000 gift coupon which I did not expect anything.
I felt lucky again.

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