Sunday, August 3, 2014


It was very hot.

I went to Shinjuku to attend Morinda's monthly meeting.  There were about 590 people today.  Since there was a train accident, I needed to take the different route as usual and was late for half an hour or so. 

After coming home I had to leave for community work in the evening.  We needed to cut the grasses around the community center.  My sickle was already rusty so that I went to buy it before joining.  It is a strange feeling because I do not cut the grasses of my garden but ask the gardener to do that by paying money.  I chose to rake and did not use the new sickle after all.

I like to apply for the presents.  Today I was surprised to see the envelop when I got home.  It was rice coupon from my favorite rice cracker company.

It's been just a year since I went to the vocational school for Business English and Business Administration in Yokohama.  I have learned many things there for 6 months and got new friends.  We will have a reunion next week.  I am looking forward to seeing them.

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