Wednesday, August 13, 2014


At this time of the year we can see the Perseid meteor shower.  However unfortunately the weather these days is not so good.
I expected to see the Super moon on August 10, but it was cloudy and I could not see it.  Both of my best friends in Spain and the USA uploaded the moon picture on that day.
Last night it was also cloudy and I could not see the Perseid meteor shower.

When I was in Florida, I used to go to see meteor showers in the middle of nowhere at the National Parks.  There was no light there, and it was suitable to watch the stars there.  The best thing to bring there was a sleeping bag.

There are some pictures I want to take.  One of them is stars around the Polaris.The other is the mid night sun.  Another is the northern lights.  All are natural beauty.

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